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Rechts-Regulat Dr. Niedermaier Book


Table of Contents

Foreword Main Section
What Is the 'Bodys Enzyme System'?
Cascade Fermentation
How Regulats Work
Treatments by Doctors an Non- medical Practitioners

Experience Reports
The Nerves
Excess Weight
Cholesterol an Blood Lipid Levels
Skin Diseases and Allergies
Ear Problems
Vascular Diseas
Cardiovascular Disorders
Stomach, Gall Bladder, Liver, Intestines
The Eyes
Chronic Bronchitis
Smoker's Cough
Chronic Sinusitis
Nodule Formation
Dental Medicine
Foot Care
Veterinary Medicine

Special Methods

General Rules

An Eppeal to the Medical Profession




Back cover

Despite modern medicine, the advances of our time have resulted in many illnesses that it is beyond our capabilities to cure.
We are referring to the typical diseases of civillization: from sluggishness, insomnia, excess weight, skin problems and allergies to serious chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, and the entire spectrim of autoimmune diseases.

The main cause (apart from a frequent lach of spiritual orientaion) is a severe shortage of bodily enzyme groups(also known as low enzyme levels, or LEL), wich disrupts the human regulatory system.

Doctors, complementary health practitioners and veterinarians report their sensational succeses using BIO-ACCESSIBLE ENZYMES in LIQUID FORM to treat the organism as a whole. (European patent number 11153549 - Granted by the European patent office 2004)

This method, which can be applied both internally an externally, offers humans an animals alike the opportunity to quickly restore their bodily enzyme supply to healthy levels.

Even dentists report pain an faster healing.
Both the cosmetic an foot-care industries are already using bio-accwssible enzymes in liquid form as an 'insiders tip.'

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